Em Stevens

Em Stevens was shortlisted for most likely to succeed. She’s a best-selling author of queer fiction. When she isn’t writing she enjoys all that NC has to offer, from mountains to the sea, wine and distilleries. Em and company, including two furry friends, reside in Raleigh.

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About Me

Em Stevens is a best-selling author of queer fiction.

She currently lives just outside of Raleigh, NC with her people and her animals. Raleigh is so close to her heart she often uses it as a setting in her novels. (Y’all means all!) While she hasn’t been a writer all of her life, she has always been a storyteller. Tall tales from a young age morphed into hyperbole-fueled anecdotes in her early adulthood.

Now she puts stories into novels and is quite thankful for beta readers and editors.

When she isn’t writing or editing she reads voraciously, steeps herself in horror movies, and tries to get outside every now and again.

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