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Provided are content warnings, tropes, and a 1-5 😭 angst scale.

Another Stupid Love Song

The stage is set for success… and heartbreak.

Maxine Gardner is a rock and roll legend who hasn’t had a hit in years. She’s on a mission to get her old band back together for a once in a lifetime reunion tour that could save her floundering career. The problem? One band member is dead and the other hates her guts. To get this tour off the ground, Max must put her fate in the hands of a younger woman who could easily steal the spotlight from her for good.

Jasmine Weathers is a gifted musician whose mother and aunt were founding members of one of the hottest girl bands of all time. Following her mother’s untimely death, Jade’s overprotective aunt is determined she choose a stable career with the local symphony. But Jade was born to be a rock star. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to live her dream… even partner with the one person she shouldn’t trust. The woman who ruined her mom’s career.

Their agreement is supposed to be nothing but a means to an end. Yet the more time Max and Jade spend making music together, the harder it becomes to ignore the attraction crackling beneath every note. Is it possible everything they’ve believed about the other is completely wrong? This tour could lead to true love, or it could tear apart the band… along with their hearts.

How much would you be willing to sacrifice for success?

Age gap enemies to lovers rock star romance. Trigger Warnings: discussions of death of a parent 😭

Read Another Stupid Love Song here

Watch Her Burn

Meg’s perfect life was like a piece of porcelain, lovely and seemingly timeless. That is, until her husband of twenty five years asks for a divorce. After that, Meg is scrambling to pick up the pieces.

At least she has Jamie. Jamie’s been her best friend, her rock, her ride or die since they were fourteen. That Jamie is Meg’s ex’s twin sister is a minor complication.

Or is it a major problem? As Meg tries to redefine herself, she and Jamie find their friendship enters gray territory. Old fantasies are fanned and soon things are heating up between them.

Is their taboo relationship fueled by lust or love?

When clay is fired, it grows stronger. But when Meg’s world is set alight, she’s afraid she may have burned the person she cares for the most.

Friends to lovers with older MCs. Trigger Warnings: divorce, semi-taboo 😭 😭 😭

Read Watch Her Burn here.

To Boldly Go

When life gives you lemons, drink limoncello.

Taryn’s trip of a lifetime is finally happening. She’s saved money, researched, planned, and created an itinerary that will allow her to travel Italy…and finally tell her best friend that she’s in love with her. But those plans are ruined when she wakes up alone, her crush gone. Her plans did not include being alone and stranded in Milan. Now Taryn’s dream vacation is a nightmare.Enter Holly, a fellow traveler: young, full of life, and comfortable traipsing off the beaten path. Holly feels a connection with Taryn and wants to salvage her trip. After all, they’re in freaking Italy! But their radically different travel styles and age differences make for rough terrain.Together, they boldly go into unexplored territories of the heart, and may just discover love.

Travel with minor age gap. Trigger warnings: pregnancy loss 😭 😭 😭

Read To Boldly Go here.


Kensi Carlton thought she was happy. She had a career, a long term girlfriend, and the hair she’s been growing out since she was a young girl. But a betrayal sends her reeling into an existential crisis and, needing fast and ferocious change, she decides to cut it all out.

Tess Upton is good at her job. It isn’t just that she’s an expert stylist. She’s also a dedicated listener, experienced at hearing her client’s desires and gently guiding them toward the needed shifts in their lives. She’s not comfortable, however, with talking about her own needs– and she’s deathly afraid of change. When Kensi asks Tess to cut off all her hair, it isn’t just a hair cut. It’s a fresh start for both of them. But when their pasts keep tangling with the present, can they still hope for a future together?

Makeover romance. Trigger warnings: references to domestic abuse 😭

Read Tangle here.

Rook Takes Queen

Rook Black is determined to leave her chess career in the past. Unfortunately, beyond being able to kick ass on the board, she doesn’t have many skills to offer up, which leads her to a hustle– and a lot of trouble. Trying to make it right, she’s stuck back in the game and miserable about it… until she meets Carmen.

Carmen Barnes is a beauty queen who’s out to prove she’s more than just a pretty face. Determined to use her crown to change the world, she wants to leave a mark that makes people think. Hosting a chess tournament for a local teen’s homeless shelter is just the thing. One caveat: She doesn’t know a thing about chess. There’s also the stifling rules that come with her title. Romance–or a lack thereof– is written into her contract. When a stubborn chess player is pitted against an ambitious pageant winner, heads butt and sparks fly. Will Rook’s gambit pay off? Fate aims for a checkmate in this lesbian romance!

Opposites attract. >😭

Read Rook Takes Queen here.

Critical Hit

Kris Hess has more than enough on her plate. She’s taking care of her sick father, struggling to make deadlines with her art, and keeping up with the bills. There’s no room for dating unless it’s for the long haul, and Kris’s past experiences with women have left her full of doubts. Her relief comes from her weekly Dungeons and Dragons session with close friends. As Dungeon Master, this is one world she can actually control.

Lacey Jenkins is getting over heartbreak. She’s still full of resentment over her emotional vampire of an ex. The sole joy in her life comes from her little terrier, Barkley. Yep, she’s reached crazy dog lady status and she doesn’t care if you know it. But she knows the only way to move on is to start meeting new people, and her coworker offers her the perfect opportunity. Nice, easy, and no drama.

Adventure comes easy while playing a game, but finding true love in the real world is quite a challenge. Are they up to it? It’s a roll of the dice.

**This is a sweet romance intended for mature readers. You don’t have to be a level 15 tiefling warlock (or even know that that is) to enjoy it! **

Bisexual rep with insta-love. Trigger warnings: death of a parent 😭 😭

Read Critical Hit here.

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